Smart mail utilities

Here you will find easy, smart mail utilities to use with mailservers. Not very biffy right now, but more meat will be added soon.

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Headertrimmer 2.4

This script can be used to filter mail and manipulate arbitrary unstructured mailheaders. Comes with an example which trims multiple subjectmutations (like these: "Re: RE: [mylist] Ang.: SV: Aw: Re:[mylist] Re:[mylist]") in to a nice header. Fully honours RFC2047 for unstructured headers and is therefore perfect for 8-bit-charset-people in the old, eastern and other non-english part of the world. Re-encodes headers to ensure that they follow RFC2047 as a lot of clients break the standard which is the cause of MIME-headermutations.
Download: headertrimmer-2.4.tar.gz

Blocked user list

Modest list of users that should be blocked in public services like webmail and other delicate user account assignment.
Download: blockedusers.txt

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