Day on Date feat - training files

Here you find training files for the calendar feat of knowing the day of any date.
I don't provide you with any method for the feat itself here, but I can recommend you to read Paul Brooks and Dominic O'Briens material on the subject.

The files provided here are standard mp3-files that will fit into any modern mobile phone or mp3-player. The "album" is unique for each set, and the "genre" is set to Speech not to clutter your music playing.

Click here to listen to one file (this one is in MDY-order)

There are in total 10 sets of files with different length of "tick-tock"-pause in between the date and the answer. Each file ends with a four second pause so you can inhale in between. 60% of the files contains dates in the 19xx and 40% contains dates in the 20xx. Each set contains of 1000 files. Drop them into a playlist and play in random order while running, walking, cooking or sleeping.

Of course a fancy "app" would be more tweakable, etc. But I can assure you that these "audio flashcards" work. I've improved my own performance enormously with this method.

All files are provided free of charge for personal use only. Please contact me if there is need for use in any other form.

Update 2010-jun-14: New sets of files. All problematic files removed. Slightly shorter inhalation pause. More "elite"-file sets (3,4,5,6,7 second pause only), DMY and MDY-versions now contains DIFFERENT dates. All sets now contains exactly 1000 files.

"D M Y" order (e.g. for UK and Australia et al):

Click here first to download the sample DMY-files first.

"M D Y" order (e.g. for USA)

Click here first to download the sample MDY-files first.

Please download the sample files first, to identify which set of files you need.

I hope that these files will suffice as a starting point for your audial training after you've got the method down. Don't hesitate to send me a mail ( to request a different type of files-set. I am all ears.

Good luck with your training!