Cow or elephant?

If you are using Netscape(*) you will probably see the happy cow above.
Internet Explorer-users on Windows and Mac, however, will see a dead flat elephant.
And this is due to a strange browser-feature.

NB! We don't use any CGI, SSI, shtml, Java, server sided detection of the browsers or any silly client scripting such as Javascript or VBscript.
No programming whatsoever. It's all in your browserdifferences.

Fun isn't it?

Here's another one!

(*) or MSIE for Solaris

Since this was made long time ago, there are other browsers now and I haven't really kept up to date with all updates, but Opera behaves differently. Mozilla actually behaves differently on different platforms (OSX=Cow, Win32=Elephant). Konqueror/KHTML may behave differently. Nokia N95 shows the cow! The iPhone renders a different way so it mixes the pictures.Several other browsers also shows a mix nowadays. If you want to send in a screenshot of your browser and how this page look likes, please do so. magnus (at) bodin <dot> org
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