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Odd and even days
2000-02-03, Magnus Bodin <magnus@bodin.org>

The Friday 1999-11-19 was the last ODD DATE (all digits odd) for a very long time.

Now, the next odd day will be 3111-1-1, or if you want to be ISO-date-strict, first
in 3111-11-11.

We have now entered a period of even dates, the first one appeared
2000-02-02, the first since 888-08-28.    

What we can say for now is that we will now have a lot of even dates until
2888-08-28 and then again we will have a gap of 1111 years until 4000-02-02,
when there is an even period again. Between 3111-11-11 and 3999-11-19 there
will be a perio where odd dates will appear. 

If you read SWEDISH, then this is the version that appeared in the
Swedish paper DAGENS NYHETER the day before the very last (for now) odd day.

We celebrated the odd date here in Lund, Sweden with French Champagne (as the Swedish
Minister for Trade had been on a visit earlier this day). Pictures here.

Worthwhile to note also is that 1999-11-19 is a prime date.

[This news also spread to WebMonkey newsletter, Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, The geek list
 and further around the globe as a chain letter. Fortunately it was time-proof, as nobody
 wants to forward old news.]

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