100,000,000,000,000 poems

From playboy Chance the nymph no longer flees
The answer is they could be twins full-grown
Upon his old oak chest he cuts his cheese
That suede ferments is not at all well known
O Parthenon you hold the charger's strings
Rejecting ermine to become a knave
A daring baron pockets precious Mings
Till firemen come with hose-piped tidal wave
The genealogist with field and fess
Or grinning like a pale-faced golliwog
The country lane just thrives on farmyard mess
We'll suffocate before the epilogue
Poor reader smile before your lips go numb
A wise loaf always knows its humblest crumb

Raymond Queneau

Translation to English by Stanley Chapman
found in "Oulipo Compendium"
Atlas 1998, ISBN 0-947757-96-1

Idea and implementation by Magnus Bodin 1997
Produced in the wonderful country of Sweden.