100,000,000,000,000 poems

Don Pedro from his shirt has washed the fleas
Since Elgin left his nostrils in the stone
Replies like this the dumbstruck brain may tease
That suede ferments is not at all well known
How it suprised us pale grey underlings
With sombre thoughts they grimly line the nave
Proud death quite il-le-gi-ti-mate-ly stings
In purest cradels tha's how they behave
Poetic licence needs no strain or stress
And starve the sniveling baby like a dog
And played their mountain croquet jungle chess
No need to cart such treasures from the fog
Poor reader smile before your lips go numb
Soliloquies predict great things old chum

Raymond Queneau

Translation to English by Stanley Chapman
found in "Oulipo Compendium"
Atlas 1998, ISBN 0-947757-96-1

Idea and implementation by Magnus Bodin 1997
Produced in the wonderful country of Sweden.